Fast Way to Increase Followers on Threads App an Instagram

Threads App is a standalone messaging app developed by Instagram, designed for close friends and more intimate communication. While the app itself is not focused on increasing followers, you can utilize it to strengthen relationships with your existing followers and attract new ones. To increase your followers on Instagram using Threads App, follow these steps:

1. Set up your Threads App

Before starting, make sure you have the Threads App installed on your device. If you haven’t, download it from the App Store ↗ or Google Play Store ↗.

After installation, sign in with your Instagram credentials and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account.

2. Define your close friends list

In Threads App, you can communicate with a selected group of people, referred to as your “close friends.” To curate your close friends list:

  1. Launch the Threads App.
  2. Navigate to the home screen.
  3. Tap the profile icon in the top left corner.
  4. Tap “Edit Close Friends.”
  5. Use the search function or scroll through the list to select your close friends.
  6. Tap “Done” to save your list.

Add users who actively engage with your content and have a genuine interest in your niche. This will help you foster closer relationships with your most loyal followers.

3. Share exclusive content

Create exclusive content specifically for your close friends list. This can include behind-the-scenes stories, sneak peeks of upcoming projects, or special offers. By sharing this content with a select group, you make them feel valued and are more likely to attract new followers.

  1. Launch the Threads App.
  2. Tap the camera icon at the bottom center to create a new story.
  3. Capture or upload your content.
  4. Add text, stickers, or effects as desired.
  5. Tap “Close Friends” to share the story with your curated list.

4. Engage with your close friends

Make an effort to regularly interact with your close friends on Threads App. Respond to their messages, react to their stories, and initiate conversations when appropriate. By doing so, you will create stronger bonds with your followers, leading to higher engagement and increased visibility on Instagram.

5. Cross-promote the Threads App

Inform your Instagram followers about your presence on Threads App. Encourage them to join you on the platform for exclusive content and more personalized interactions.

  1. Create a post or story on Instagram, highlighting the benefits of following you on Threads App.
  2. Include a call-to-action, asking your followers to download the app and join your close friends list.
  3. Share a preview of the exclusive content you’ll be offering on Threads App.

6. Collaborate with other users

Reach out to other Instagram users in your niche who also use Threads App. Propose collaborations or partnerships that will benefit both parties.

  1. Use Instagram’s search function to find users in your niche who have a similar follower count or content style.
  2. Reach out to them via Threads App or Instagram Direct Messages.
  3. Discuss potential collaboration ideas, such as co-creating content, hosting joint giveaways, or promoting each other’s accounts.

By following these steps, you can leverage the Threads App to build stronger relationships with your Instagram followers and attract new ones. Keep in mind that the key to success lies in providing value to your audience and consistently engaging with them.

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